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21st July 2016

Healing practitioners and other complementary therapists have the opportunity to learn how to transfer their skills, to care for animals  read more

10th May 2016

The CHO Healing Practice Survey ends on 31st July, so there is just time to get involved...  read more

10th December 2015

Congratulations to CHO members Helen Stott and Gill Matini who have been chosen to join the CNHC Profession Specific Board for Healing.  read more

23rd June 2015

Always open to sharing and learning, the CHO accepted an invitation to meet with delegates from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan recently...  read more

6th February 2015

The CHO are supporting the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust in funding a healer at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK.  read more

17th June 2016

Sadly trustee Kim Moore-Cullen has elected to stand down from the CHO Board  read more

10th December 2015

The CHO Board are sadly soon to lose two of their respected Trustees  read more

23rd September 2015

Details of a recent meeting held between the CHO, UK Healers, BAHA and the SNU.  read more

23rd February 2015

Largest ever meta-analysis undertaken shows a significant effect of healing intention on both human and non-human living systems. Read more...  read more

17th February 2014

The Confederation of Healing Organisations has recently welcomed new Associate members. See more for details.  read more