In the company of others who support health and wellbeing

17th October 2019

October is the time in our calendar that we hold our Annual General Meeting. Yes, it's time to present and seek agreement of our statutory reports and this is an important part of being a registered charity. But, one of the best things about our AGM is that it gives us and everyone who comes along the chance to catch up, meet new people, share news and views and to make new contacts. This year was no different and it was great to see representatives from our CHO member organisations and for the third year, welcome BRCP registrants to the event.

The morning session was an interactive talk on how we as healers and complementary therapists can go about 'getting the word out there'; raising awareness about what we do, positioning ourselves, why it matters, the impact we're having and looking to the future. It was great to hear questions and shared experiences and we hope it gave plenty of food for thought and new connotations for Marmite and murmurations! CPD certificates will be sent out shortly.

We always find the Member's Update section to be really valuable, it is our chance to hear about key people, successes to be congratulated and challenges to be discussed. This year, talk of raising awareness and succession were common threads and it was inspiring to listen to some of the thoughts and ideas from organisations across the sector.

If you haven't made it to an AGM so far, please don't think it's all dry facts and figures, it's one of our favourite events of the year and we value everyone's input, because we're all passionate about what we do, and what's better than to spend a day in the company of like-minded people who are driven by a desire to support the health and wellbeing of others.

Grateful thanks to everyone who came along.

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