Being a member of the CHO brings a wide range of benefits tailored to your particular requirements depending on the type of membership best suited for you. Joining the CHO is straightforward and we welcome all enquiries. 

There are two categories of CHO membership: Full and Associate:

Full Membership

Who is this for?

This is open to healing organisations whose aims and ethos are in line with our own and whose members have been trained to the standard of the National Occupational Standards for Healing, either through your own training programme or elsewhere.  There are no minimum membership number requirements.

Associate Membership

Who is this for?

This is open to individuals and organisations that have an interest in Healing, whether as a healer, member of the public, carer, healthcare professional or organisations encompassing any of these.  We especially welcome applications from international healers and healing organisations.


Neither of those categories suit me, how can you help?
For those who are multi-therapists, students or therapists/practitioners of other complementary therapies than Healing, we would point you toward the British Register of Complementary Practitioners: a well established and reputable register that provides support through promotion, public visibility, sector updates and career progression.  The BRCP also invites collaboration from, and provides support to clinics and CAM training providers, including the award of the BRCP quality mark and incentives and benefits for your students.  The BRCP is owned and administered by us.  You can find their website here:

Please explore the rest of this section for benefits of CHO membership and the process to join us.

If you need or would like any assistance with your application please get in touch using any one of the methods shown on our Contact page and we will do our best to help.