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1st May 2024

In Mental Health Awareness Week we share this important message regarding diversity in nature being key to mental wellbeing  read more

4th July 2022

The NHS in England is being reorganised under the Health and Care Act 2022—the biggest overhaul of NHS rules and structures in a decade.  read more

23rd November 2021

New NICE draft guidance has recommended GPs do not routinely offer patients with ‘less severe’ depression antidepressants as the first line treatment  read more

2nd September 2021

In the wake of COVID-19, multilateral organisations are playing key roles in supporting capacity development in the traditional medicine sector  read more

10th August 2021

Author and astrologer Judy Hall has died aged 77, her publisher Octopus has announced.  read more

26th July 2022

A recently published study provides insight into the impact of spirituality in serious illness and health.  read more

23rd November 2021

One in three people struggle throughout the winter months with seasonal affective disorder  read more

29th October 2021

Final ME/CFS NICE guideline recommends ‘personalised care and support plan’  read more

20th August 2021

Since Monday 16th August the rules around self-isolation after close contact with someone with COVID-19 have changed...  read more

3rd June 2021

Traditional healers in South Africa, known as "sangomas" in Zulu language, are going digital to reach more people.  read more