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5th January 2017

The RCVS standards committee has announced it is to review the college's guidance on homeopathy and other CAM and therapies  read more

15th December 2016

Reiki and Tai Chi among the alternatives gaining favour with patients and as a result, hospital systems. Long article, but worth reading...  read more

28th November 2016

The push for statins cannot be described as evidence based until the raw data surrounding its trials is made public, a group of leading experts claim  read more

11th November 2016

No, nothing to do with the Chinese horoscope...  read more

7th October 2016

This US report explains how the public are demanding, and getting, complementary and alternative practices because they perceive a benefit.  read more

5th January 2017

Non-pharmacological interventions such as touch and massage are included  read more

8th December 2016

A new study reveals that people who eat a lot of saturated fats are less likely to suffer from heart problems... read more  read more

11th November 2016

Mercury from amalgam dental fillings enters the bloodstream and affects major organs, such as the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs & immune system... more  read more

11th November 2016

Some sensible advice about the use of CAMs  read more

22nd September 2016

Data presented at the 2016 World Parkinson Congress shows many patients seek complementary therapies and with good effectiveness  read more