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17th November 2014

A diverse range of complementary therapies at affordable prices was on offer in Shoreham at the official launch of The Human Touch Project  read more

31st October 2014

Calorie warnings on alcohol to tackle obesity, therapy chickens, and demonising mental illness this Halloween.  read more

8th October 2014

Scientists at the University of Southampton have evidence that awareness can continue after clinical death...  read more

25th July 2014

A study has found that eating probiotic foods regularly can lead to improvements in blood pressure levels...  read more

12th June 2014

In case you needed an excuse for a hug, read on...  read more

11th November 2014

India will soon have an exclusive drug control department to facilitate testing of Ayurvedic drugs, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has stated  read more

29th October 2014

A multi-disciplinary complementary health clinic run by alumni and teaching staff of the University of Westminster opens on the 26th November 2014  read more

25th July 2014

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) says there is a growing evidence base to support the use of complementary medicine...  read more

25th July 2014

A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials suggests that acupuncture helps hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms...  read more

20th March 2014

NHS charges (prescriptions, dental, optical, wigs and fabric supports) are increasing from April 2014  read more