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4th January 2016

Junior doctors in England are set to take industrial action after talks between the BMA and NHS Employers failed to produce an agreement  read more

10th December 2015

For the first time, NICE has offered guidance on the menopause to ensure women 'get the help they need from their GP to manage their symptoms'.  read more

13th November 2015

The Department of Health is looking at blacklisting homeopathic products to stop them being prescribed on the NHS says Pulse today  read more

30th October 2015

A catering manager at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is determined to serve patients healthy, fresh local produce  read more

23rd September 2015

In Mission, Kansas, military veterans are being offered free energy healing sessions to help them through PTSD and depression  read more

17th December 2015

US think-tank the Commonwealth Fund has found that UK GPs are more stressed and dissatisfied than their counterparts in the world's wealthiest nations  read more

10th December 2015

Talking therapy and anti-depressants are equally effective for treating major depressive disorder, therefore GPs should offer both, say researchers  read more

11th November 2015

The Daily Mail explains why you could get alternative health treatment on the NHS  read more

30th October 2015

A growing body of healthcare practitioners believe acupuncture should be offered routinely for more conditions including pain in labour and cancer  read more

5th June 2015

200 scientists are appealing to United Nations and World Health Organisation to initiate tougher guidelines on exposure to EMFs & wireless technology  read more