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18th January 2019

Nearly 3/4 of patient organisations that contribute to NICE decisions have taken funding from manufacturers of a relevant product, a new study claims.  read more

12th December 2018

UK Health Minister receives report on how to tackle the chronic disease burden from the bottom up  read more

19th October 2018

The first Complementary Therapy awards celebration lunch was held today (18 October 2018) in London to celebrate the inspiring achievements...  read more

16th August 2018

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dr Peter Fisher in a cycling accident on 15th August 2018.  read more

6th July 2018

Report on an important piece of nursing research that investigates the impact of specialist nurses on outcomes for cancer patients  read more

13th December 2018

MPs want complementary, traditional and natural medicine to rescue the NHS from financial crisis  read more

6th November 2018

A recently published study seems to indicate there is a link between eating organic foods and a lower cancer risk.  read more

10th October 2018

Producer Dena Barnett is looking for interviewees in the UK who have or are receiving spiritual healing  read more

2nd August 2018

Teenagers are always using their mobile phonesbut the radiation from the devices could be affecting their memory and their ability to study at school  read more

26th June 2018

What happens to your body when you're stressed - and how breathing can help  read more