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1st October 2013

Just over 2,500 individuals and organisations have responded to the Dutch health minister's call for  read more

14th August 2013

The MHRA is proposing 31 December 2013 as an end-date for the sell through of unlicensed herbal products  read more

9th July 2013

A study of Canadian men with prostate cancer revealed that use of complementary health care is now mainstream and not confined to certain sub groups  read more

23rd May 2013

The GP contract is set to be rewritten as part of reforms to out-of-hours care, health secretary Jeremy Hunt has revealed. See more...  read more

12th March 2013

A skin cancer expert nurse is showing trainee hairdressers how to look out for signs of cancer among their clients  read more

28th August 2013

An urgent review has been called after Merton Council posted a job ad for a "spiritual healer".  read more

17th July 2013

A nutritional supplement marketed to reduce symptoms of morning sickness has been found to contain high levels of heavy metals...  read more

17th June 2013

Asquith Hall nursing home has announced the introduction of Reiki as they explore the benefits of complementary therapies  read more

13th March 2013

For the first time in over 60 years, the WHO Regional Office for Europe aims to provide clarity in defining wellbeing and outlines ways to measure it  read more

11th January 2013

The CPRE are campaigning for the top 7 British supermarkets to give more support to British farmers, local food producers and the countryside  read more