Canadian study reveals use of CAM by men with prostate cancer

9th July 2013

Source: Toronto NewsFIX - Martin March

A research team at the University of Toronto surveyed a group of nearly 700 Canadian men with an average age of 69, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. They learned that almost one in three used some form of complementary therapy. For instance, 29 per cent used products such as saw palmetto, vitamin E and lycopene.

Researchers also learned that 9.1 per cent of the group consulted complementary practitioners such as homeopaths. And almost six per cent used therapies like spiritual healing.

Looking at the characteristics of those using complementary approaches, the researchers found they were not – as previously found – in the higher income, better educated group. Instead, younger men, and those whose cancer was more advanced were more likely to turn to alternatives. They were more critical of the adverse effects of conventional medicine, and believed strongly that they could be helped by complementary therapies.

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