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6th July 2018

Report on an important piece of nursing research that investigates the impact of specialist nurses on outcomes for cancer patients  read more

15th June 2018

Pulse reveals that over 2000 cervical cancer smear results for women in the South East will need to be re-examined  read more

16th May 2018

Disturbances to your "circadian rhythm" and disruptions to this cycle are associated with an increased risk of depression and bipolar disorder. More..  read more

8th March 2018

Mobile phones are safe according to operators, but now it's been shown that they interfere with our body clock, which can lead to various diseases  read more

25th January 2018

WDDTY quotes research that post-menopausal women who follow the Paleo diet can eat as much as they like, still lose weight and keep it off for 2 years  read more

26th June 2018

What happens to your body when you're stressed - and how breathing can help  read more

14th June 2018

U.S. News & World Reports recently published a balanced article on energy healing, particularly when used with children. Our own comments included.  read more

25th April 2018

Impressive results of Traditional Aboriginal Healers are starting to gain the attention and respect of western health professionals  read more

20th February 2018

Manufacturers of infant and toddler formula and drinks have been accused of misleading families into buying their "unnecessary and unsuitable" product  read more

2nd January 2018

"What Doctors Don't Tell You" reports side effects of the world's most commonly prescribed diabetes drug are so severe that people stop taking them  read more