NHS being reorganised in the biggest overhaul of rules and structures in a decade

4th July 2022

The NHS in England is being reorganised under the Health and Care Act 2022—the biggest overhaul of NHS rules and structures in a decade. A key aim of the changes—introduced on 1 July 2022—is to encourage collaboration between NHS, local government, and other agencies to improve health and reduce health inequalities. England will be divided into 42 area based integrated care systems, bringing together NHS organisations, social care, public health, and others to plan and coordinate local services for populations of around 500 000 to three million people.


This information was taken from an article in the BMJ online by Hugh Alderwick, Andrew Hutchings, and Nicholas Mays, who argue that collaboration between local agencies is no replacement for national policy and investment.  See: https://www.bmj.com/content/378/bmj-2022-070910.full for the full article.

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