Healing for Children and Young People

16th August 2019

It all began with my first job as a Substance Misuse Worker within The Youth Offending Service.  It was a tough role by all accounts with a mixture of targets, high caseloads and chaotic teenagers.  However, I feel it was my true spiritual training ground, enabling me to develop creative skills to be able to deal with disengaged and complex young people. In addition to that, something really profound happened during my time in that job.  We were lucky enough to be trained by what I can only describe as a Shaman, in Acupuncture and a range of Holistic Therapies.  I knew from that point on this was where I was being drawn too, my calling to healing, energy and therapy!

So I went off (like Harry Potter to Hogwarts) on a journey to train and study as an Energy Field Healer with The College Of Healing.  It was a feeling of coming home and once I qualified, it was time to be brave, step away from the Drug and Alcohol Field, and hand my notice in to set up my own Holistic Business.

It’s had its soul shaping challenges along the way, but I have never looked back and my work as Creative Therapist, Workshop Facilitator and Healer is the best job ever.  The one thing that has stayed constant is my passion for working with children and young people and I have always ended up with jobs connected to them. 

I now work independently and the main work I do is in Primary, Secondary and Special Schools, also Community Organisations, Youth Groups and Charities.  For me it is a massive step forward that Mental Health and Wellbeing is now becoming a priority within Education.  Another positive is that Schools are much more open to the work I offer, whether it’s one to one or in groups, things like creative therapy, massage, storytelling, circle time, art, healing, play, relaxation, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, it all paves a way to healing. I am truly grateful be helping to shape this change by breaking down the barriers and bringing the light in through the spiritual work I do.

What I do notice with a lot of the children and teenagers I see is that they are often feeling stressed, hopeless, struggling to fit into the world, can’t find their way, they are confused, overwhelmed, emotional, disconnected and anxious. The interesting thing is often these children are highly evolved and gifted, they just haven’t discovered it yet, so bringing some healing into their lives in whichever form its expressed is so needed. 

A friend once said to me….

“I will leave you with this quick question while I go and make a cuppa, all you have to do is close your eyes and write down what you think your life purpose is?”

Erm…..call that a quick question I said?! However, as soon as pen hit paper it was even clearer than ever before….

‘My purpose is to create a universal tool that enables children and young people to access to their consciousness and potential. Children are the closest, yet often furthest away from source and through healing, creativity and nurturing; I know I am being called to champion the cause of awakening the young minds of the next generation, by helping them to tap into unseen parts of themselves and of the world around them’

Wow, that’s quite a mission! But I am so passionate about helping these souls that I have created my own venture called ‘Your Space’ – Helping Children and Young People find a space to explore and discover who they truly are.

So my conclusion is that we need to take the lead, bring healing, creativity, love and light into the lives of these young people and be the change makers for shifting consciousness.

Written by Lynette Fryer




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