Views on items we feel might be of interest...

4th June 2022

Professor Paul Dieppe talks about his work with The Confederation of Healing Organisations  read more

6th May 2022

Author Caroline Sherwood speaks with Sue Knight about her latest book Following a Thread of Gold, which depicts her journey to find healing.  read more

8th April 2022

CHO Fellow, Diane O'Connell shares her thoughts on how the healing movement has changed in the past 40 years  read more

15th March 2021

Healer and Cranial Osteopath, Meg McDonald shares her experience of new developments in distant healing.  read more

11th March 2021

An unexpected visitor sparks thoughts on mindset, change and growth for CHO Trustee, Sue Newport.  read more

10th May 2022

40 ideas, tips and techniques for self-healing to support health and well-being.  read more

3rd May 2022

Author Caroline Sherwood on her path to healing and the role of teachers.  read more

1st April 2022

Bob Charman looks back at his time as Chair of The Confederation of Healing Organisation's Board.  read more

13th March 2021

A synopsis of The Longevity Paradox - How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age, written by Steven Gundry.  read more

26th February 2021

A synopsis of 'Lifespan: why we age and why we don't have to' (2019) written by David A Sinclair.  read more