40 Tips for Self-Healing

10th May 2022

There's much we can do to support our own health and well-being, even though we may think we don't have time or the knowledge to make it happen. It doesn't need to be time-consuming or complicated. There are so many ways that we can help ourselves with some everyday self-healing. 

Self-healing can be many things to many people; what one person finds healing another may not. But when you discover what helps you, the impact can be striking.

To help, we've put together a list of 40 ideas, tips and techniques that can help in recovery or addressing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances. Why 40? Because it feels like a great way to mark our 40 years at the heart of healing.

We can all do something to support our own wellbeing; here are some ideas. 


1    Adopt a daily practice  – Whatever helps you to connect with the wonder and energy of life, whether that is meditation; being in nature; the blissful feeling of soaking in a bubble bath; any activity in which you soak in your spiritual connection - that daily connection is self-healing in its essence. 

2    Commune with Source – Regularly listening to and receiving this readily available guidance, via our Higher Self, allows the wisdom of Source directly into our lives (without the need of intercession by another).  

3    Spend time in nature– The high vibrational beingness of nature allows a connectedness with All That Is. Stop and take in the scenery, appreciate the time of year and breathe the natural beauty. 

4    Spend time in silence – Silence and freeing ourselves from the cacophony of life, allows our mind to have the space to commune with the wisdom of Source. 

5    Help other people – When we do this, we put into practice kindness (love in action) and we receive as much as we give. 

6    Gratitude and appreciation – Thinking about the positives in our life really helps to raise our vibrations, making us more likely to apply the values of Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Understanding and Kindness. 

7    Grounding  – Bring awareness to grounding yourself through your feet, imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet, anchoring into the Earth. 

8    Be aware of your breath – Place your right hand onto your solar plexus and use the rhythm of your breath to slow down and activate self-healing. 

9    Time to simply be – Lie on the floor in a semi-supine position, head on top of a small book and knees pointing to the ceiling with feet flat on the floor….then let go. 

10   Visit your inner self – In your imagination visit all four corners of your inner self and ask your inner self to stop and breathe. 








11   Listen attentively  – Tenderly and honestly listen to your inner being and ACT ON what you hear, see, feel, notice. 

12   Conduct a life inventory  – Set aside a good amount of time to ask yourself: What do I need to let go of? What could I start doing that would be helpful?
13   Be humble – If you knew what to do about your current healing conundrum, you probably would have done it already – so be open to receiving help, guidance and information that lies beyond the limits of your current paradigm. 

14   Research Yeshua’s advice  – “Ask and ye shall receive” endures in its wisdom and efficacy – it never fails. 

15   Balance your brain  – When you feel "keyed up" or out of balance, you can get yourself back in balance by practicing the Brain Balancer. This simple body-based technique helps restore left-right balance and allows you to feel more clear and connected 

16   Enjoy life’s simple pleasures  – They may seem a long way away at times, but they’re always there waiting to be re-discovered. 

17   Accept yourself for who you are  – Take a moment every now and then to accept yourself – your good and bad sides, past failures and mistakes – they all add up to who you are right now. This is exactly who you need to be at this moment and you are perfect.  

18   Be true to yourself  – Don’t just follow the crowd if something doesn’t feel right; do what feels right for you.  

19   Learn to say “No” – this is one of the kindest things anyone can do for themselves and it’s not selfish. Boundaries are important in ensuring we look after ourselves. 

20   Take time out every day  – We all lead busy lives but we can all learn to allow ourselves time for us, even if we have to lock ourselves away in the "smallest room of the house" to achieve it. Start with five minutes and build up to what feels right for you. 


21   Love yourself – This can be a “biggie” but honestly, if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to do the same?  Stop wishing you were someone else; rejoice in your true nature and make the best of it.  

22   Eat fresh  – Cook from fresh whenever you can.  It doesn’t take much more time to make a quick pasta dish than it does to stick a ready-made meal in the oven – it will taste more delicious and you can enjoy preparing something fresh for you / your family / friends.   

23   Mindful eating  – Be mindful when preparing /eating food, and bless each stage in its process: the growing, the harvesting, the retailing, the preparation to the table and finally the eating.  

24   Grow something  – Whether a houseplant, a window box, herbs on the kitchen window, veg in the garden / allotment, flowers or grass. There is lots of evidence that the very act of nurturing plants is beneficial to us.  

25   Smile… outwardly and inwardly  – It really does help and has the ability to switch our moods in a few seconds.  

26   Sleep well  – Try to adopt a good sleep pattern.  We do much of our healing whilst asleep.  Too often, we stay up late, get up early and force ourselves to stay awake when we’re exhausted. We may prioritise extra work or going to the gym instead of sleep, but this is probably not the best move when we want to heal ourselves. If we’re not properly rested, we may just be hurting our bodies even further.  

27   Listen to soothing music  – Calming music can help reduce stress and set the scene for greater self-healing.  

28   Keep a journal  – Journaling is a great way of reflecting on your day or you can specifically start a gratitude journal noting down things for which you’re grateful today. Maybe someone showed kindness to you on your way to work, or your child presented you with a drawing; note it down. Practicing gratitude is a great way to bring more positive emotions into your life and they can help counteract the negative emotions that prevent healing.  

29   Spend time with animals – Their love is unconditional and their presence can be a great help in reducing anxiety and can even help your self-confidence  If you don’t own a pet, maybe sign up as a volunteer with a local rescue centre or advertise your services as a dog walker / pet sitter.  

30   Slow down with your pet  – Sit in a quiet place with your pet and start by settling into a comfortable rhythm with your breathing. Without losing that rhythm, become aware of your pet’s breathing and feel the love you have for them. 


31   Animals are our healers  – Animals offer us the opportunity to heal ourselves by mirroring or reacting to our emotional states; this helps us become more aware of our behaviours, enabling us to make positive life changes. Watch for patterns in your pet’s behaviours in relation to how you are feeling at that time.  

32   Sit Spot  – Find a place outside in nature where you can sit undisturbed for a few moments. Close your eyes and really listen to what is going on around you and further in the distance then try using your senses one at a time. This helps you to become more present. 

33   Play more!  – Go for a walk and kick up leaves; stomp in puddles; pull faces in the mirror; play shadow puppets; enjoy playing with your children; anything that helps you find your inner-child. 

34   Learn and grow – Attend a spiritual event, take a course, talk to someone whose values you respect. However and whatever you choose, learning can help us to connect with others, see a bigger picture, appreciate a different perspective and boost our self-confidence. 

35   Get moving – If you can find an activity that you enjoy, you’re far more likely to make it a habit. Whether you choose to play a sport, go walking, learn yoga or some gentle stretching, moving and staying active in whatever way suits you has so many benefits. 

36   Feel the love – As humans, community and socialising have been key to our evolution. Spending time with the people you love to be around brings us comfort and is a great way to increase the feelings of wellbeing and happiness.  

37   Get creative – Flexing your creative muscles helps you to connect with the real you. Being creative and ‘in flow’ helps us to express our real selves and quieten our minds. It can help us to feel inspired, calm and positive.  

38   Let it go – Don’t waste your energy on grudges or holding on to feelings that don’t serve you. Forgiveness is freeing.  

39   Allocate time for self-care – This is one of the most important spiritual practices. It is so easy for the busyness of physical life to take over and push out our spiritual self. Honouring our spiritual aspect and giving this the gift of time allows our spirituality to flourish. 

40   'Breathing in Peace' Meditation  – This meditation is a simple and useful way to raise energetic vibrations by bringing peace into your being and to care for yourself.  Firstly, be aware of the ground beneath your feet. Feel the exchange of energy at that point, between your feet and the ground beneath. Feel the Earth supporting you....

Bring your attention to your breathing as you breathe in and out calmly through your nose... focusing mainly on the out-breath.

As you breathe in, know that you are breathing in peace, and in the out-breath, feel that loving peace flow down into your body. So, breathing in peace and as you breathe out, this peace fills your being... In and within... Peace breathed in ....and within.... Gradually, as you absorb this feeling of peace, you know that it completely fills your being. You are peace...

This positive, peaceful energy expands beyond your physical body, about an arm’s length in every direction, spreading peace around you, as a protective sphere. You are absorbed by this pure peaceful energy within and now radiating from you. You take time to appreciate this state of peace, which you have become…

Now bring your attention back to the soles of your feet and feel that connection with the Earth. Make sure that you are grounded and know that your energies are now at an appropriate level for normal daily life. Open your eyes and give thanks for your transformed state of peace. 

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