Apply for funding

The CHO are happy to consider partnerships for funding research, and invites enquiries from researchers working in recognised organisations such as Universities or NHS Trusts who wish to carry out research on Healing to contact us and consider submitting a research proposal.  Our research sub-committee will consider applications with the help of external assessors.

We are particularly keen to try to facilitate healers undertaking research themselves, by, for example, collecting good records of change in their clients’ health and wellbeing after healing interventions.

We also have available a sum of £10,025 Restricted Funds through a bequest, to be used for research into the causes effects and possible cure for Paget's Disease; plus another sum of £10,000 also a bequest, which must be used for research into Radionics.  The Trustees have indicated that these two sums may be joined to fund a research project.

Our current application form for Healing research or for the two Restricted Funds can be obtained by downloading here: Download file

Please contact us if you would like assistance in completing this form or if you have any further questions relating to submitting an application.