NHS Charges from April 2014

20th March 2014

Department of Health press release

NHS prescription charge in England will increase by 20 pence from £7.85 to £8.05 for each quantity of a drug or appliance from 1 April 2014.

It is also intended that the single charge will increase by 20 pence to £8.25 in the following year.

However, for the next two years the cost of a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) will remain at £29.10 for a 3 month certificate. The cost of the annual certificate will remain at £104.

PPCs offer savings for those needing 4 or more items in 3 months or 13 or more items in one year.

In England, around 90% of prescription items are dispensed free. This includes exemptions from charging for those on low incomes, such as:

  • those on specific benefits or through the NHS Low Income Scheme
  • those who are age exempt
  • those with certain medical conditions

More information is available at NHS Choices

Dental charges

The dental charge payable for:

  • a band 1 course of treatment will increase by 50 pence from £18 to £18.50
  • a band 2 course of treatment will increase by £1.50 from £49 to £50.50
  • a band 3 course of treatment will increase by £5 from £214 to £219

Wigs and fabric supports

Charges will be increased by an overall 2.7% for wigs and fabric supports.

Optical vouchers

The range of NHS optical vouchers available to children, people on low incomes and individuals with complex sight problems are also being increased in value.  In order to continue to provide help with the cost of spectacles and contact lenses, optical voucher values will rise by an overall 2%.

PPCs can be bought from the NHS Business Services Authority or by phoning 0300 330 1341.

Read the written ministerial statement announcing these charges.

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