Responding to Vibrational Disturbances In the World

21st November 2023

It’s some time now since the outbreak of the disturbances in the Middle East and over a year since the conflict around Ukraine.

In truth one could say that there is always conflict in the world so what’s new! 

As a practitioner, I have found the need to distance myself from the complexities of what is taking place, both from a sense of my own self care, but also for the well-being of many of the clients that I have been seeing.

Sadness, anger, fear are all part of the fallouts from conflicts pasted, wallpaper like, across our screens and social media.

So my question is How?

How are you taking care of yourself?

How are you preparing yourself to give guidance and support to your clients?

How are you interacting with the view that we all are part of the problem, as well as the solution?

How do you temper your thoughts so that the best of you is vibrating in a positive and synchronised way?

A recent report shared in the Guardian spoke of the failing of the earths health.

If this short blog inspires you to be the best of yourself, know that in your own way, positive thoughts and a sense of unconditional love is the message we could be offering for a peaceful home (home being Mother Earth), for the emotional and physical well-being of ourselves and those around us.


Craig Rebuck

Feldenkrais Teacher and Energy Practitioner and CHO Joint Chair


Guardian article:


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