How Maiya got up out of her wheelchair

4th September 2020

August 2019, during a speech I was giving for the Conference on Consciousness and Human Evolution, I did what I always do at the end of my talks: I put the audience into Power of Eight® groups to allow them to experience the miraculous power of small group intention.

I told the audience to form groups of eight or so, nominate someone in the audience with a health challenge and have the group formulate an intention together and then send it to the target person.

For 10 minutes, while I played Choku Rei by Jonathan Goldman, the music I’ve used for these group intentions from the start, the Power of Eight® groups formed circles, holding hands, while they sent intention to their targets.

And as usual, once we were done, I asked members of the audience who’d experienced some sort of change to raise their hand. A woman with a neck injury in spasm showed us how she could suddenly move with ease. A man with cellulitis had a vision and described an amazing feeling of potency. Another woman with brain cancer felt so much love in her group that she was confident all would be okay.

And so it went on with individual testimonials until I asked for one more story. The  group at the very front raised their hand for their target – Maiya – and urged her to speak.

I’d noticed her because she was sitting in the front row in a wheelchair.

Maiya was paralyzed from the chest down with some sort of paralysis the doctors didn’t understand. When it was her turn to speak, she refused help from a fellow group member, and slowly got up on her feet – to the amazement of her group and everyone in the audience.

Here’s how she described her experience:

There wasn’t a dry eye there. Some months later, I caught up with Maiya to ask what she thought it might be that helped her heal in those 10 minutes.

Here’s what she said:

Confronted with these overwhelming feelings of love from her group, Maiya said that it was more than she needed and passed on some of it to her sick relative.

And it was in that moment of selfless giving, even though she was someone who surely needed the intention, that Maiya was healed.

And that’s the beauty of a Power of Eight® group and group intention. All of us have the capacity to heal in an instant when we step out of our own small sense of ourselves and our own individuality and enter the space between – the space of oneness where the most unimaginable miracles can happen.

To read the full story with videos of Maiya describing her experience:

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