Eternal Light Meditation

21st December 2020

Kindly provided by CHO Associate, Lyndall Demere

Feel the Presence of the Divine in the atmosphere around you.  

And allow your physical body to receive the Presence of Divine Light moving through the cells of your body. You might feel heat in a particular area that needs healing. And as you breathe, you receive the Light of God yet more deeply through your spine, through your legs and feet. 

And allow the Light of God to move through the cells of your brain, balancing the brain, steadily moving from the front of the brain, through the temple lobes, slowly moving, to the brainstem, and filling the brainstem with Light and love, Divine love. Filling the spine with Divine love. 

See yourself glowing in Divine Light. This Divine Light sheds all the tension the world introduces to you.
Shedding all of the tension of the last weeks and months. And replacing that tension with Divine love. A healing love that slows the body, slows the mind, and allows the vibrations of Divine grace to move through your whole body, healing every aspect of your physical self, and filling your soul and spirit with Divine Light, Divine love. 

You feel perfectly attuned to Divine grace, to the power of God in this physical world. And this power of God is restoring you, restoring your heart. Healing your memories. Memories from long ago. Healing memories far back, within in your soul. Healing any wounds to your physical body, to your heart, to your emotions and brain. 

You are being attended to by Divine intelligence and Divine grace. Raising up your whole self, raising up your memories and experiences from long ago, and before long ago. And the memory of your relatives, your ancestors of long ago. 

The pictures you hold in your heart are of power and Divine love, used to make you whole and healthy. Divine intelligence is opening your heart and filling your heart with a grace that lasts forever. Filling your heart with eternal love, filling your memories with Divine intervention, Divine assistance, and Spiritual Healing. 

The past fades away in the Light of God. And you are here, now, with the Presence of God, filling every cell in your body. Divine intelligence giving you healthy pictures of yourself, healthy dialogs with others. There is Spiritual Healing in your hands, in your eyes, healing in your ears. So that you might hear the subtle vibration of the Divine near you. The sound of God within you. Allow yourself to hear Divine whisperings to you now, answering your most vital questions. 

Feel your heart, the truth of who you are, in the center of your chest. Feel the Divine deep within you, in your hands, in your brain, in your lungs, through your whole self. Receive this blessing deeply, as if the Presence of God had lit a candle in your heart. In your heart there is a holy altar. On this altar there is a candle lit, that Light be perpetually flowing through you, generated within you. An eternal light. 

And feel the vibration of the Divine in your forehead, that you might see and know as God sees and knows. So that you might see across great distances, where your attention is needed. You consciously take the Light inside you, and the love inside you, and then you send it where your attention is drawn. The purpose is to offer Divine light to someone, to a circumstance, for the purpose of illumination, Divine Spiritual Healing.

And you can see the Light glowing at a distance, where your attention is drawn. You know Divine intelligence is intervening because you care. You care to see and you care to share.

You can feel this experience with your physical body. You can know this experience with your soul and spirit.

And let us, together, light candles all across the Earth. Candles lit with the flame of God’s Divine love and Light, all across the Earth. The Light of knowing and loving, the Light of wisdom, shared all across the Earth.

And this Light of wisdom has an aura of Divine peace. Divine peace through grace, shared all across the Earth.

And all of those leaving the Earth hold a candle lit with the flame of Divine peace.

The Light of God all across the Universe.

See these candles lit all across the Universe. All of your ancestors are holding candles lit with Light and love and peace.

Feel the fullness of this experience in your body, in your brain, in your spirit and soul.

All are holding the same Light, the Light of God is glowing all across the Universe.

You are doing love. You are doing wisdom. And you are doing Spiritual Healing… all across the Universe.

Feel. See. Know. In the depth of you, know this is true.

And hold this image in your heart. Place this image on the altar in your heart, with the Divine candle lit in your heart. And hold this image inside you as eternally true.

Feel this love in your physical body, in your arms and hands, all through your physical body. Your spirit and your soul are full of eternal light.

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