An Easter Meditation

9th April 2020

  Upper Room Meditation April 7, 2020

We are calling on the Presence of God the Father, all the Holy Saints. We are calling on the presence of the Angels, your own Angels and the healing Angels, to be with us for the purpose of protection, and teaching, and healing.

And we are all very grateful for the blessing that comes with these meditations and also for the healing power that comes through these meditations.

And just allow yourself to relax and feel the energy around you. Begin to feel the energy of Divine Blessing in the atmosphere around you. The Divine Blessing of the Spirit of God creating sacred space around you. And feel this sacred space.

Feel the Divine Blessing of Love and Strength filling your hands.

And Divine Love and Light filling the cells of your brain. Moving from cell to cell through your brain, balancing the chemistry of the brain. Healing Angels holding the space around you and affording healing to the brain. Allowing each and every cell and all the spaces in between the cells throughout your brain, releasing all the stress you’ve accumulated from living in the world today. As the Light and Love of the Divine spaces out the cells and relaxes the brain. Through the brainstem, Divine Light and Holy Healing.

And allow this healing energy to flow through the spine, vertebra by vertebra, releasing stress from the spine, slowly. And the spine will relax and stretch out as this healing energy moves through the hips, legs, knees, and feet, through the arms and hands. Breathing and allowing Divine Grace to enter your lungs, filling the lungs with Healing Grace. And all of the organs of the body.

And sit for a moment, realizing Divine Strength in every cell of your body.

And allow this Healing Energy to fill your eyes, and your ears, the ear canal.

As Divine Light fortifies your body, raising the vibration, raising the vibration of the brain that you might perceive the subtle gifts that God gives to you at this time and at other times. Allow the fullness of the Holy Spirit of God to fill your hands and to fill your heart.

And allow the Angels and the Holy Saints to be near you, at your back and at your side. Holy Ones who love you dearly. They are close by to fill your back and your shoulders with their love and healing vibrations. To release the stress from your shoulders and your back, and to release the stress in the organs of your body.

Imagine and know that Divine Healing Energy makes everything inside you new – new lungs, new heart, new blood, new brain and eyes, stomach, intestines - all of the organs being made new.

And you can feel your body begin to stretch as there is a new vibrance in the organs of the body, in the calmness in your brain. And the heart, your emotional heart in the center of your chest, being made whole with sacred Love. With the prayers of the Divine for you. And in this moment receive the prayers of God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, all of the Saints and Angels, for you. All of the Divine are together in this moment praying for your well-being.

The Light of God is pouring into you, into all of the places inside you, around you, in your world, that need healing. God the Father reaches out His hands to you, full of Divine Love, and imbuing this Love deep inside your heart, in your work, in the place where you live, in all of your circumstances. Divine Love is pouring in to raise up all of who you are, raising you into Divine Grace and Holy Healing.

Feel the prayers meant for you. You have the attention of the Creator of the Universe on your heart, on your life, on every circumstance in your life. Feel the Grace flowing from the Father’s Hands to you. Feel the fullness in your own hands, in your heart, in all of the atmosphere around you. Divine Light flowing from the Father’s Hands into you, personally, importantly. Divine Wisdom pouring into you. Divine Intelligence gazing upon you, lifting you into the Light. Lifting you deeply into the Spirit of God, the Light of God, for your protection, for your comfort, for enthusiasm to be alive in God’s care, in God’s prayers.

And the Holy Angels embrace you. The Holy Angels place a hand in your life wherever it is needed. Feel the hands of the Angels upon you. Feast in the fullness of Divine Love all through your being and all of the energy around you, that you are being held in sacred Love. You are being fortified with sacred prayers from the Heart of the Divine, from the Heart of God. Feel this Love all around you.

And know that you are anchoring this Divine Grace on Earth for your family, for your community. And now we see this Light of God flowing across the Earth, flowing into every living being all over the world. Just as the Light of God moves through each cell in your body, so the Light of God moves to each living being, no matter how small. All over the Earth. Until you can see a veil of Divine Grace, Healing Light, all around the Earth.

We do this together with the Spirit of God, with the Holy Angels, with the Saints, now.

And we ask that the Holy Angels and the Spirit of God bless the souls who are leaving the Earth, who have left the Earth. We fill them with the Light of the Holy Spirit, with Sacred Love, indiscriminately, all the souls, that they may be lifted into the Divine as we hold them in Sacred Light, in the hands of the Angels.

And feel the lightness inside you. Feel how light you are in participating in Divine Work. Feel the lightness of your heart. Light, lighter than a feather. Feel the lightness of your body having very little weight. In blessing the Divine souls who have departed with Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit, you too have everything inside you lifted into the Sacred Heart of the Divine. Feel how light you are.

All the burdens have lifted.

The burdens have lifted as if each of you, with the Angels, carried someone home, many home. And now feel the fullness in your own self, in your own heart. Realize this Blessing is very deep and will affect the whole Earth, and everyone on it, and will affect you.

Take a moment to feel what it feels like to be lifted in the Spirit into the Divine. How cleansing to the body and to the heart.

And let’s take a moment to hold all of those we know and love in this Holy Week, in Passover, in the Holy Week of Easter. At a time when everyone is lifting up their hearts to the Divine to pray for healing for those you love. And allow the healing Blessing to come upon yourself, however you may need healing. In the most intimate of ways, God knows you and loves you. And the healing today is very thorough. Feel this healing strength of Divine Light and Divine Grace strongly placed where it needs to be placed for all of those you know and love and for yourself.

And your Angels rejoice in your receiving healing. Your angels rejoice to be part of your life at this time, and will stay with you, hold you in Divine Harmony. Feel the power of healing Grace moving through your brain, through your entire body, focusing on the lungs, kidneys, liver, all the organs of the body, completely fortified in Sacred Love. You are an anchor of the Divine to the Earth.

You are needed.

You are needed on this Earth. See a steady stream of Divine Light moving through the top of your head, through your entire body into the Earth, that the Earth might be blessed. And see the Light of God spreading from you out in waves to bless your family and community, everyone that sees you and knows you and loves you. And you share with these people and with the Earth the prayers God the Father and the Holy Spirit and all the Angels, the Holy Trinity, holding you in Sacred Divine Love. You share those prayers wherever you go, like beams of Divine Light moving through your own hands, blessing.

And your own heart, merged with the Sacred Heart of God. Your heart is sacred space. It is the place where you and the Presence of God can meet any time for conversation, for the sharing of Love, for the petitions for others, for thanksgiving, for the accumulation of Grace, for peace.

Feel the Peace of the Divine now in your hands, glowing from your chest which opens with every breath. The chest releases Divine Peace. Divine Peace in the atmosphere around you, forever.

Memorize yourself in this moment, in Divine Peace. This is who you truly are in the eyes of God.

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