A successful Healing Awareness Week 2018

24th August 2018

The CHO is one of the founders of the Healing Forum; the working title for a collaboration between the four largest UK healing organisations with the advancement of Healing at their heart.

One of the Healing Forum's key initiatives is the annual Healing Awareness Week with the aim of promoting Healing and its benefits to as wide an audience as possible. During the week, funds are also raised for a chosen charity.

In 2018, funds were raised for the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust (SBSHT) and we're pleased to report that thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, a cheque was presented to the Trust for £1,182.50 at a ceremony at the Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre this month.

SBSHT does such important work helping children, teenagers and adults on their cancer journey. It provides funding to enable complementary healing therapists to work within hospitals and hospices, providing mental, emotional and physical support alongside conventional medicine; something we support wholeheartedly.

Funds were raised by healers around the country, including some of our members and Chief Executive Sue Knight, who gave talks, tasters and demonstrations, which as well as raising money, also did a sterling job in raising awareness of the benefits Healing can offer.

The cheque was presented by Minister David Bruton, who met with SBSHT founder Angie Buxton-King, healer Claudia Bonney and Teenage Cancer Trust Lead Nurse, Jamie Cargill, who champions the inclusion of complementary therapies alongside clinical care. David was impressed that the Trust has found a way to establish the healing work within the unit to the point where it is considered as integral to patient care.

As a registered charity with the objective of advancing the practice of Healing and promoting its benefits through raising awareness and education, we're extremely proud to be a part of the Healing Forum collaboration, to have taken an active role in Healing Awareness Week and to have been involved in raising funds for such an important cause.

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