Our members

The CHO is the leading charity advancing the practice of Healing: promoting its benefits as a recognised complementary therapy by providing education, research and information to a wider audience of healing and healthcare practitioners and society as a whole.

As such we work with a growing number of healing organisations on a membership basis in addition to individuals and organisations on an associate membership basis. To find out more about this and the different ways of working with us, please visit our Membership section.

Our current Member Organisations include:

Association for Therapeutic Healers www.healers-ath.org
College of Healing www.collegeofhealing.org
College of Psychic Studies www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk
Earthworks School for the Healing Arts www.earthworkshealing.co.uk
Holistic Energy Association www.holisticenergyassociation.com
International Network for Energy Healing (UK)


Journey to the Heart and Soul www.journeytotheheartandsoul.co.uk
Maitreya School of Healing www.maitreyaschoolandhealingcentre.org.uk
Omnes Healing https://omneshealing.com/
Open Pathway Retreat Centre


The Radionic Association www.radionic.co.uk
Suffolk School of Healing www.suffolkschoolofhealing.com
Surrey Healing Association www.surreyhealing.org.uk


Our current Associate Organisations include:

Inayatiyya Healing UK www.inayatiyyahealinguk.org
Polish Association of Spiritual Healers www.psdu.pl
Pure Channel Healing Association https://mandybrownauthor.wixsite.com/mysite
Spiritual Kinship Society Trust