How to get involved in Healing Awareness Week

Healing Awareness Week takes place from the first Monday of May to the following Sunday annually (6th to 12th May 2024).

We're aiming to introduce the concept and benefits of Healing to a wider audience to inform and inspire people to experience it for themselves.

Healing Awareness Week's BIG HEAL

Now is a time unlike any other and one during which Healing in all its forms, has a vital role to play.  Many people are feeling the effects of the pandemic and its lockdowns; the financial restrictions needed to be able to cope with energy price rises and higher food bills.

Healing Awareness Week takes place on the first week in May each year and although there aren't as many local events and healer taster sessions as would normally happen, there are some available so do look at the Healing Awareness Week website Events page at: for a list of what's on, especially as many events are now online and therefore available to everyone that has access to the Internet.

The BIG HEAL is an online initiative where healers are invited to visit the Healing Awareness Week website and charge a virtual pool with energy and healing thoughts. This pool will be available to help anyone in need of a burst of positive healing energy.

How to get involved

Seeking healing
Each evening of Healing Awareness Week, between 8.00pm to 8.30pm, people can visit the Healing Awareness Week website, focus on the first video - The Collective Pool of Loving and Healing Light and ask for healing to be sent to them. Through the power of intention they will be helped in some positive way; maybe not in a way they expect, but helped nonetheless. Any feedback on your experience would be valued.

Offering healing
Healers are invited to visit the Healing Awareness Week website from 8.00pm to 8.30pm and channel healing energy to the collective pool via the second video on the web page. We ask all healers to support the creation of the healing energy resource and ask all healing organisations to encourage their members to join in.

For full details please visit:

Getting In Touch

To find out more or to request publicity materials, contact us at any of the participating organisations or visit our websites below: