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13th February 2017

Australia's first university-based healing touch clinic has opened in Townsville at James Cook University (JCU).  read more

23rd January 2017

The top health news story of the day is the Food Standards Agency's warning that acrylamide poses a cancer risk. See more...  read more

11th January 2017

The words of an Anonymous NHS trust chair writing about January's events so far  read more

6th January 2017

The British Red Cross has deployed staff to help in hospital and provided transport for discharged patients due to the NHS 'humanitarian crisis'  read more

5th January 2017

Non-pharmacological interventions such as touch and massage are included  read more

9th February 2017

What Doctors Don't Tell You reports on a study on guided imagery that shows positive effects  read more

12th January 2017

Vitamin C does REVERSE CANCER - and now it's on track for approval as a chemotherapy alternative  read more

9th January 2017

Further scientific evidence of the benefits of Healing have been published by two online medical journals. See more for details...  read more

5th January 2017

The RCVS standards committee has announced it is to review the college's guidance on homeopathy and other CAM and therapies  read more

15th December 2016

Reiki and Tai Chi among the alternatives gaining favour with patients and as a result, hospital systems. Long article, but worth reading...  read more