Producer looking for interviewees who have or are receiving spiritual healing

10th October 2018

Dena Barnett is an independent British film producer currently residing in Italy who has been working on a documentary on Spiritual Healing for three years. Her team has already done extensive interviewing and filming in Europe with several healers including Aubrey Rose and Sandy Edwards. Dena Barnett will be in the NY Metro Area beginning of September and is looking to interview and film subjects who have either experienced spiritual healing from a medically diagnosed condition and preferably verified by a physician, or who have resorted to spiritual healing therapies because allopathic treatments didn't work, and have been healed (preferably verified by a physician).

She will also be in London from 18th and 21st October to film a joint interview with Larry Dossey M.D. and Lynne Taggart during the TCCHE - Consciousness and human Evolution conference 2018.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in being part of her documentary, please email Dena directly at

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