New therapy options at Macmillan Unit, Antrim Area Hospital

6th October 2013

From Antrim Times:

Experienced complementary therapists employed by the Cancer Centre, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust have developed an accredited training programme.

Jayne Ferguson, Elizabeth McNeill and Geraldine Canning are among the first volunteers in Northern Ireland to complete the bespoke training accredited by Open College Network and they will provide the service in the MacMillan Unit, Antrim Area Hospital. The complementary therapy service in the Cancer Centre at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is funded in partnership with Friends of the Cancer Centre. Complementary therapy is the name given to a number of therapies such as massage, aromatherapy and reflexology which when used in addition to medical treatment can help to reduce stress, tension and anxiety, improve sleep and improve quality of life.

Jayne Ferguson said: “It is a fantastic feeling to be able to help people relax and unwind through complementary therapy, but it’s all the more rewarding when you have the privilege of treating people who are dealing with something as stressful as cancer. The feedback we have been getting from cancer patients and their carers who have enjoyed the benefits of Complementary Therapy has been extremely enthusiastic and many of them tell me that the treatments help them to cope better with their anxiety and stress.”

If you would like information on this local complementary therapy service for cancer patients telephone 028 9442 4394. If you are a complementary therapist who would like to get involved telephone 028 9063 8980 or email for more details.

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