Further scientific evidence of the benefits of Healing

9th January 2017

The research in which healer Sandy Edwards took part has been published in two online journals, showing further evidence of the benefits of Healing as a complementary therapy. 

The research papers can be viewed here:

Main, quantitative paper:
The publication date states November 2016, but it actually became fully available online 6 Jan 2017.

Secondary, qualitative paper:

Sandy has written a book about her experience available from:

https://www.createspace.com/5142806 (paperback)

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Healing-Hospital-Scie…/…/0957516908 (paperback )

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N7PTINR (Kindle)

On the back cover:

Despite having no sign of a natural ability, Sandy Edwards trained to be a spiritual healer with a non-religious UK charity. Ten years later, she instigated one of the largest healing trials in the world.

This is the unique story of:

  • a volunteer healer working alongside a senior consultant at a National Health Service (NHS) hospital
  • a top university renowned for first-rate research conducting a controlled medical trial of healing
  • the National Lottery awarding a grant of £205,000 to fund the study
  • the resultant two-year trial involving 200 hospital patients with longstanding illnesses

The compelling research results demonstrate that healing has the potential to benefit anyone whether they are in pain, sick, stressed or depressed. Case studies add to the evidence.

Many of the research trials referenced dispel the myth that healing is only placebo.

The findings suggest that substantial cost savings could be made by the NHS, the Government and by businesses through adding healing to mainstream healthcare.

‘Spectacular research results and a very impressive book. Patients and clinicians should take this seriously.’ Dr Michael Dixon LVO, OBE, FRCGP, FRCC; Chair of Council, College of Medicine; Chair of NHS Alliance

‘Truly remarkable findings presented in an easy-read style. Stimulating and engrossing.’ The Duchess of Rutland, Patron of NFSH/The Healing Trust

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