Be Well London - Unique clinic launches to help us be well and stay well this winter

29th October 2014

The ‘Be Well London’ multidisciplinary complementary health clinic opens on the 26th November 2014.  

At its foundation is the integration of traditional and modern evidence-based complieentary medicine, combining Eastern and Western medical principles to provide innovative treatment options and education.

The clinic is formed and run by alumni and teaching staff of the University of Westminster, a leading University in complementary medicine training and research.

Be Well London practitioners have been selected for their academic abilities and therapeutic skills. All are educated to a BSc level, which involved three years full time training; up to 500 practical clinic hours and a thorough understanding of the biomedical model. “We believe that raising standards is essential to ensure optimum outcome for patients. If we can help we will, and if we can’t, we will refer on to our extensive network of other healthcare professionals,‘ says clinic manager Susanne Kaiser.

Acupuncturist Thalia Perry explains: "From our clinical experience we know that a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to treat patients. At Be Well London we provide a truly integrated approach, with practitioners from Eastern and Western therapies coming together to recommend the best treatment options for patients.”

Naturopath Kate Fismer adds: "We believe in working together as a close team, sharing our collective knowledge. As a cooperative, practitioners benefit equally whether they are treating patients or working on the educational programmes. This eliminates any potential therapy bias.”

Therapists at Be Well London will offer a wide range of complementary therapies, including Western Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Tui Na and different types of Massage. They will also run specialist clinics including: Eczema, Fertility, Female Wellbeing, Weight Loss, Sports & Fitness and Stress.

Be Well London also offers specialist appointments including a free 15-minute gatekeeper appointment, where the team can advise on possible treatment options.

“We also offer a full ‘Health MOT’ for those who want more of an insight into their health. Our team of experts develop a personalised programme from a multidisciplinary perspective, following extensive assessments and a wide range of tests. This will culminate in a detailed report that will highlight areas that may benefit from early interventions,” explains nutritionist Jackie McCusker.

"Be Well London will offer educational seminars and practical workshops aimed at self-empowerment with events ranging from seasonal tips for flu, nutrition for health and fitness, mindful eating seminars with chocolate meditation(!), to hands-on workshops in our herbal medicine dispensary.”

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