When we met a delegation of Kazakh and Azerbaijani healers...

23rd June 2015

Always open to sharing and learning, the CHO accepted an invitation to meet with delegates from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan recently.  We organised the day to be held at our member organisation, The College of Psychic Studies’ premises in South Kensington.  Delegates enjoyed a tour of the College followed by a talk about complementary therapy regulation within the UK by Barry Tanner of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies; plus a background of the CHO and an update on the recent publication of our meta-analysis into non-contact healing, by Sue Knight, Chief Executive. Then after a delicious lunch we heard about changes within healing over the past 30 years from Diane O’Connell, Joint Chair of the CHO and Director of Education of the College of Healing.  Within the afternoon’s open forum we heard from the East European delegates about their training, standards and regulation and there were marked similarities with those of the UK. 

What we found really interesting was how complementary therapies, and particularly traditional healing, are integrated within mainstream healthcare within these two countries.  Our healthcare system has some catching up to do in the recognition and embrace of these important therapies.

Although an interpreter was needed, it seems that healing intent crosses all boundaries as there was an unspoken connection very evident throughout the day. 

Our thanks go to Ekaterina Shevchenko of Global Conferences for her organisational and interpretation skills.


Traditional healing delegates from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan met with the CHO and members

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