Ignite Your Inner Healer

3rd February 2016

Want to train as a healer? Wondering where to start? Maybe this will help you find your path.

Three years ago I had no notion of what Chi or energy was. I was a relatively 'normal' person - except that I had chosen to go away on a detox week. The detox holiday was rife with rather horrid psyllium husk shakes but came with lots of extras including yoga classes each morning and learning how to meditate..

One evening the Pranic healer who was teaching me about meditation, put a rolling ball of energy into my outstretched palm.

That was it for me.  It blew me away.   Suddenly, Chi was real. I could feel the energy rolling in my hand.  I could almost see the ball of white fire. Maybe I did see it. Sounds mad I know. I would have only half believed from then, were it not for the fact that when I got into bed that night, lay down and put my hands together, this almighty electric shock pulsed from one set of fingers to the other. I jumped out of bed like a scalded cat. That was me converted and on a new path.

The next day my yoga teacher told me I wasn't crazy and showed me how to create and feel the energy just between my palms. After marvelling at this for a while I began to think that if I could feel it then I wanted to know how to harness it. Once harnessed, it can be tremendously powerful.  Powerful enough to heal.

I first realised that you didn't have to just have an innate 'gift' to heal when I read about the curative powers of Qigong. Qigong is the ancient Chinese form of energy management. Thousands of Chinese practise Qigong and Tai Chi every morning to harness and build the strength of their Chi to enhance their health and wellbeing. They believe that channelled in this way, their Chi can cure many ailments.  This is such a strongly held belief that in some parts of China whole villages participate in Tai Chi every morning.

For me, learning about Chi and Qigong led me to explore the concept of healing practice. Healing practice takes many forms - Qigong, Reiki and Pranic Healing are just a few of them - although perhaps the better recognised with more of a 'brand' attached to them. Healing comes in many forms from the laying on of hands to non-contact and also distant healing. Healers believe they are a conduit for healing energy, channelling it from a source greater than them. Using a form of focused intention, they channel energy through to the recipient to benefit mind, body or spirit.

So some three years on from my first meeting with my Chi I have now decided to train as a healer. It's something that I am doing in parallel with my 'day job' as it is a skill, like any other, that will take time to develop.

My day job coincidentally led me to the door of the Confederation of Healing Organisations. What better place to start than an umbrella organisation representing many of the UK's healing groups.

Look out for Part 2!

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