CPD programme

As well as providing valuable ongoing education for individual healing practitioners, Continuing Professional and Personal Development (CPD) demonstrates a commitment to the ongoing delivery of best practice in healing. We recognise however that while many healers and healing organisations appreciate the benefits of this in theory, how to access such training often proves a challenge. Our ‘Introduction to CPD’ course has been developed to underscore the benefits of CPD while also informing healers of the wide variety of training areas available and how accessible this training is. The reality is that many healers will already be practising CPD without actually realising it. Our Introductory course shows how simple it is to develop existing practises into formal CPD record keeping.

Our CPD programme consists of a series of days and weekend events that run on a regular basis around the country and feature shared experiences, teaching and practical learning opportunities from a variety of established experts in their fields. They are also ideal times to network and share ideas and encouragement with other healers. 

We would encourage anyone interested in getting involved to get in touch and to complete our CPD questionnaire. It’s quick, straightforward and will provide us with helpful information for developing topics for future CPD events.

For a list of our current CPD events, please visit our Events page.