Healing Practice Survey Preliminary Research Report

The Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO) circulated a survey form, co-designed by the CHO and University of Exeter Healing Research Team, to healing organisations and individual healers.  The survey was designed to find out more about which people seek healing, what they seek it for, and with what outcomes.

281 completed forms were available for analysis, each one relating to a single client-practitioner interaction. 

  • Clients were predominantly female (76%) with an age range of 19 to 90 (median 55). 
  • The main reasons for their seeking healing included: mental health problems, musculoskeletal disorders, pain and fatigue. 
  • Most of the clients reported some immediate benefit; and data were obtained on the nature of this benefit, including quotations from ‘healees’. 

These data are being analysed by the Exeter University team.  One abstract on this research has already been submitted for possible presentation at a medical meeting in 2018, and a paper for publication in a medical journal is being prepared.  Once the data has been published it will be made available, in full, to the CHO and those who contributed to the survey, to whom we are most grateful.

Prof Paul Dieppe and Dr Emmylou Rahtz, University of Exeter